Serie A

18 December 2019

Fiorentina vs Roma – 20/12/2019 Preview

Fiorentina vs Roma should be one of the most thrilling Serie A 17th Round games, which will be held at Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence. While AS Roma looks confident playing even...

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5 December 2019

Lazio vs Juventus – 07/12/2019 Preview

Lazio vs Juventus could be a really interesting Italy's Serie A match, which will be held at Stadio Olimpico, in Rome. Juventus are not so away from other top opponents so...

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4 December 2019

Inter vs Roma – 06/12/2019 Preview

Inter vs Roma should be one of the most exciting Italy Serie A game, which will be held at Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) Stadium, in Milan. Two well-known clubs in...

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22 November 2019

Lecce vs Cagliari – 25/11/2019 Preview

Lecce vs Cagliari should be very thrilling Serie A 13th Round match, which will be held on Sunday, at Stadio Via del Mare, in Lecce. Visitors started this season extremely confident....

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21 November 2019

Torino vs Inter – 23/11/2019 Preview

Torino vs Inter should be one of the most exciting Italian Serie A 13th Round matches, which will be held at Stadio Olimpico di Torino, in Turin. Internazionale started this...

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4 October 2019

Inter vs Juventus – 06/10/2019 Preview

Derby d'Italia should be one of the most interesting matches of Sunday or the Weekend in general. Inter vs Juventus will play each other this time like in the old-time, when...

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Serie A Predictions

Italians love football since the early days. The long history of Italian football has awarded us with an unimaginable number of craziest moments. That’s why we can enjoy watching the games of the strongest leagues in the world – Serie A. Superb teams like Juventus, Napoli, AC Milan, Inter, AS Roma and Lazio fight every week. These Italian rivals give all their energy and talent in the field. Spectators are entertained from the very first moment of a match. How it can be other when such football superstars such as Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain, Mauro Icardi, Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens, Ciro Immobile and of course Cristiano Ronaldo run around the field and do the football magic. Thousands of football fans are crazy to see that. The guys from Smashingtip lose their heads before every upcoming Serie A match as well.

Therefore, our professional Smashingtip team analyses every game and goes deep into the stats. That is why we can provide fresh and frequent Serie A Predictions for our readers. However, every analysis requires a lot of time and specific knowledge to prepare it for an audience. That is why this Italian football league is really hard to predict and everyone should make additional research himself. At the same time, all these matches give unforgettable moments. No matter how the game ends.

Notwithstanding, our team makes a great job of providing football fans with striking information about different Serie A games. Also, Smashingtip’s analysts love other huge football leagues and provide with a lot of valuable information and insights. That’s why you should check Premier League Predictions. Not to mention the famous La Liga with its predictions as well.

We hope these Serie A Predictions are useful and interesting to read. Also, we highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter or just bookmarking the website to never miss another great article from Enjoy football together!