Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become very popular within the last few years. This is a result of growing usage, adoption and price movements. At the moment, we can count more than a thousand various cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, EOS and many more. They differ by technology, speed, acceptance, etc. To this day, we have seen hundreds of methods where and how cryptos can be used. But one of the ways to use cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin – sports betting. We could talk about crypto sphere a lot, however, SmashingTip team examined a few top Bitcoin sportsbooks this time. Well, SmashingTip is about sports and gambling after all. And here they are.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks


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100% up to 150 EUR
  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • 30+ sports including virtuals
  • User friendly interface
  • Unrivalled odds
  • plenty of markets to bet on

All these crypto bookmakers are trusted and well rated by the gambling community. SmashingTip did not put them in this list if their reputation is questionable. To be honest, our team spends hours and days reviewing and checking bookies before they can appear on our site.

Also, all of them are fully licensed in at least one of jurisdictions. It ensures that crypto bookie follows rules and regulations of the country it is licensed at. We always recommend going after approved sportsbooks. It will save you a lot of time and money in the end.

Furthermore, these crypto sports betting sites are easy to use, works on mobile flawlessly, and offers a large number of sports events – football, basketball, MMA, tennis, you name it. Do not forget to check SmashingTip sports predictions prepared by our professional team. It may help you to take a final decision.

The best part – all of them give the new players generous welcome bonuses. Just make a deposit and enjoy the juicy addition to your deposit. It gives you an extra chance to bet on more events. Additionally, it allows increasing your total account balance as well as bring a bankroll and its management one step forward. Nevertheless, please read the terms and conditions of wagering carefully.

Is Bitcoin Sports Betting Safe?

Yes, of course, it is. It hardly differs from the traditional betting which we are used to. However, it’s crucial to mention that due to high cryptocurrency price fluctuation your winnings or losses may be bigger or vice versa. On the other hand, if the user calculates his balance in cryptos, no further considerations should cross the road. Also, remember that some of Bitcoin sportsbooks instantly converts and shows the balance in FIAT currency together with the balance in crypto. That’s super convenient and does not oblige to make continuously currency conversions.

Also, as we have mentioned before, most of the Bitcoin bookies are fully licensed by corresponding authorities. Furthermore, sportsbooks have SSL certificates which assure safe and reliable data transferring. This is a must feature.

How To Use Bitcoin For Sports Betting?

This is really simple! First of all, register at one of Bitcoin bookmakers. You can use the one from our list. SmashingTip team already checked them, so be sure – they are good! Secondly, make a deposit using one of the cryptocurrencies. We mainly recommend Bitcoin. However, you can use other cryptos, but that depends on what cryptos bookie accepts. The whole process of registration is not complicated. We could say it is even much simpler than on any other sports bookie.

Secondly, you need to acquire a fraction of Bitcoin or other cryptos which is going to be stored in e-wallet. It may sound confusing in the first place, but trust us, it is not. Of course, make sure to find trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

The next step – fund your account. Again, this is simple as two plus two, and hardly will make you struggle. Just follow the instructions and you will be totally fine. We have tested it and can approve that it barely differs from any other deposit method.

Ultimately, start your sports betting journey. The process is the same as going with the traditional bookmaker. Everything works the same, so you do not have to worry about how Bitcoin betting works.

What Else Should I Know About Bitcoin Betting Sites?

All crypto bookmakers have their sites fully responsive and optimized to work on any device. It doesn’t matter what the user handles – smartphone, tablet or desktop; iOS or Android – it will work. It is very convenient to track and make winning bets wherever the gambler is and go.

Moreover, these bookies are much more liberal. It means they can accept the players from the countries where gambling is restricted or have some particular limitations. However, we would like to remind that going against the laws is not what we endorse. Just check your local laws before opening an account.

Many gamblers seek for the best odds and lower fees. That’s the place where crypto bookies get great score. Due to the origin of cryptocurrencies, it allows bookies saving tons of money. As a result, that lets to provide bettors with great odds and much lower fees. Is it not great?

To add more, deposits and withdrawals usually are free, and in most cases take less time if compared to other payment methods. Hence it’s much faster. Who wouldn’t love fast sportsbook?

Lastly, crypto gambling provides users with anonymity. The thing which we lack now. The only details crypto sportsbook has is your email, password and crypto transaction number. No more sportsbook name on the bank or card statement, no more personal details given away to shady providers.

Final Word

All in all, crypto sports betting opens much more new opportunities. Especially, for the gamblers who want more. By saying more, we mean a much better supply of sports bets, bigger bonuses, friendlier rules, and finally the feel of innovation. Bitcoin sportsbooks are good and beneficial to the player!

On the other side, we would love to repeat ourselves, stays risks of huge price movements. The gambler must follow cryptocurrency news and markets to catch the right moment to buy or sell cryptos. Otherwise, it can end in even bigger losses. Or as optimists would say – even bigger gains. It depends on your view, and of course, skills.

Also, it gets not the most friendly view of institutions. But it may change pretty soon though. Some countries are more strict on cryptocurrencies rather than gambling. Accordingly, it’s necessary to understand and know your local regulations.