Quarter-final of ATP Grand Slam at Wimbledon. This will probably be the closest and hardest to predict match of this stage as both players are in dominant forms. To have more insights on this ATP Sam Querrey vs Rafael Nadal match please check out the preview below.


Sam Querrey

31 years old American, who is currently placed 65th overall, has managed to climb his way back after injuries and seems to be at his best form so far. After surprisingly defeating Dominic Thiem at the opening round, Querrey has continued dominating his way right until this stage by giving away only one set to Sandgren yesterday. A lot of people were doubting him because of these injuries he had but this guy has always been one of the better fast grounds player we had so there is no surprise he’s playing at such a great level while being seemingly healthy. Querrey has great serve and good coordination to play at a very high level at this ground and there is no doubt he won’t give Nadal any cakewalk tomorrow.


Rafael Nadal

33 years old Spaniard is currently ranked 2nd in the world. Even though he has lost only a single set to Kyrgios in the second round, Nadal is still not looking as he does on clay. Of course, he is great at defending, forcing long rallies, making plays, but his play-style just fits clay a lot more than it does fit grass and it means that he’s a lot more vulnerable here. Nadal had no problems defeating Sugita, Tsonga, and Sousa, but Querrey is a different type of player. American can be compared to Kyrgios at some aspects as they are both great servers and hard-hitters but differently, from Kyrgios, Querrey is a lot smarter.

Knowing that Nadal had a lot of issues playing against Kyrgios, we might see him struggling tomorrow as well. Rafa is defending 720 points here as he’s reached the semi-final last year but it will be a very difficult thing to do.


Sam Querrey vs Rafael Nadal H2H

Rafa is leading H2H bu 4 wins to 1.


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