Serbian Filip Krajinovic and Dustin Brown are facing off each other in this year’s Sophia Antipolis Challenger Final on the French clay. This match promises to be a fascinating battle. Both talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.


Filip Krajinovic

The second player is Filip Krajinovic, a Serbian talent. After 2017, he had become a very solid ATP player, although taking often trophy’s in Challenger tournaments. Before that, he had difficulties even in challenger stages, finally, in the 2017 season, he won 5 trophies. So after a very successful year, he had some injuries and most of 2018 season he wasn’t playing. But now in 2019, he returned on the court. So this season he played some great games. 15 wins and 6 losses. A more memorable journey was in Indian Wells where he lost only to Rafa in 1/8. This is his first tournament on clay court this year and he‘s doing quite well. All opponents were beaten in 2 sets, except in the first round against Portuguese Silva Frederico.

His playing style is based on the baseline. Has one of the best two-handed backhands on tour. Often compared to Andrea Aggasi‘s. Serb also has a solid first serve. All in all, as we mentioned, Filip is ATP level player now and this Challenger tournament is only a preparation for Monte Carlo.


Dustin Brown

So the first one is Dustin Brown. Jamaican-Germanese veteran, who is having an amazing career. However, now he is 34 years old and his career is ending step by step. In one moment he was out of ATP 200 ranking. However, in this season, mostly he was playing on the hard courts and only the first stages were won. This week he started to play on a clay court and it’s going really successful here. He won against 5 opponents. More memorable ones against Molleker and clay specialist – Robin Haase.

Dustin‘s style of the game is really fascinating. He has a very solid backhand. He likes to cut the ball and his slice is one of his main weapons. Also, he‘s great at the net. The style is based more on the serve and volley method. So the game itself is more suitable to fast courts. His favorite one is a grass surface.



This is going to be the first meeting between the players.


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