So tomorrow we are going to see the most beautiful battle in Monte Carlo. The legend – Rafael Nadal and Guido Pella are going to face off. The third Masters 1000 series event of the year awaits us at luxurious ATP Tournament in Monaco. We’re gonna see a very exciting first round match between two talents Rafael Nadal and Guido Pella. This one is going to be a really entertaining matchup.


Rafael Nadal

The first one, well known to all – Rafael Nadal. The last season part on clay for Rafa was just fantastic. He won almost every major tournament. The most important one – Roland Garros. This season Nadal didn‘t play his best tennis due to micro-injuries, but we can say that is going on for too long and as Tony mentioned in one interview, Nadal is going to end his career sooner than expected. The main task for the Spaniard this season is to defend all clay titles from the previous season. The first meeting in sunny Monte Carle was quite successful for him. He defeated easily another Spaniard – Roberto Bautista. And in the second one – Grigor Dimitrov, was also an easy catch.

Rafa‘s style of the game is very aggressive, based on the deep groundstrokes from behind the baseline. He is well known for his athleticism. Nadal also is very solid in defense, especially when it comes to winning points from unexpected positions. One interesting fact from Rafa‘s career is that Tony Nadal taught him to play with his left hand, even though he is right-handed and this has greatly helped to his two-handed backhand strike. All in all, Rafa is considered one of the best players in the history of tennis.


Guido Pella

Guido Pella is a great Argentine tennis player. This season, Guido won his first ATP title. This season for Guido was quite successful, mostly he played on the clay. And this week began his Monte Carlo journey. He reached some incredible victories against Djere, Cilic and Italian talented clay specialist – Marco Cecchinato. The style of the game is based on the baseline, has a very good forehand, really monstrous. Guido is a lefty, like Nadal, so he often causes problems to other tennis players.

This was especially seen in the battle against Dominic Thiem when these players were playing on the same level even when Dominic is a bit better than Guido. In addition, Pella has a solid serve. All in all, Pella is playing his best tennis this season and we think that we will see another ATP title someday.



These players met twice and Nadal beat the Argentine.


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