Quarter-finals of ATP1000 Masters Series in Rome. After a messy day due to rainy weather previously some players had to play 2 games in a few hours today. Djoko and Del Potro had to play twice as well. Djokovic defeated Shapovalon 6-1 6-3 and crushed Kohlschreiber 6-3 6-0, While Del Potro managed to beat Goffin 6-4 6-2 and Ruud 6-4 6-4. It’s hard to expect a lot of quality from any of these players tomorrow after such a hard day but the game should still be interesting and worth to watch. Let’s get deeper into the preview below about one more great ATP match.


Novak Djokovic

Novak managed to reach semi-finals of this tournament last year where he lost to Rafael Nadal 6-7 6-3. He is defending a lot of points and is definitely motivated to take it all this year. It’s a joy to watch him play this year as all of the elements of his game has improved and seems like he has reached his optimal form right after the start of the season. Previous results show that Djokovic is comfortable at playing against Del Potro on clay as he’s won all 3 games they played on clay. Expect Djokovic to keep performing at the highest level and give us a great performance.


Juan Martin Del Potro

Del Potro fell short in 1/16 finals last year after retiring from the game against Goffin due to injury. This time he’s already avenged Goffin after beating him today and looked quite comfortable on clay again. It is very hard to expect something from the guy who hasn’t played much this year. He is coming back after a long break due to injuries. Moreover, like it’s not enough he also has to play his 3rd game in 2 days tomorrow against one of the bests. Seems like quarter-finals will be the highest point of this tournament for Delpo. However, he will definitely give Djokovic a good run for his money tomorrow.



Djokovic played against Del Potro 19 times and defeated him 15! 4 times he’s lost were on hard ground while all 3 games on clay were won by Serbian.


Article Image Taken from https://www.eurosport.com/tennis/us-open/2018/video-novak-djokovic-comforts-tearful-juan-martin-del-potro-in-touching-moment_sto6926345/story.shtml