The second round of qualification matches for the ATP Grand Slam US Open (hard). This should be an exciting match between a young Spaniard and a veteran from Slovakia. To have more insights on this ATP Nicola Kuhn vs Lukas Lacko match, please check out the preview below.

Nikola Kuhn

19 years old, currently 191st ranked Spaniard has made it into the second round after beating the Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovski in straight sets. Nikola looked a lot fresher than his opponent yesterday and closed the match comfortably, after breaking his opponent in both sets. If we include Challenger series matches, this was the 8th victory in a row for the Spaniard, which is really impressive. Even though Kuhn is 185 cm, which is just average height for the tennis player, he’s very good at serving and manages to make a lot of aces throughout his games. He’s also won 13 out of 19 matches played this season on hard surface overall. Kuhn is coming into the second match in a great form and it’s expected that he will continue to play that way tomorrow as well.

Lukas Lacko

31 years old veteran, who is currently ranked 217th in the world, has once been a Top 50 player, but it only happened for a short period of time. Overall Lacko is an average player who has struggled with injuries and other problems throughout his career. Lacko hasn’t participated in a lot of ATP tournament last year and only won 5 out of 18 matches played on a hard surface that year. Now, he’s having better results so far but hasn’t shown anything on a higher level than Challenger Series. It’s hard to expect something from the guy who hasn’t proved himself on a higher stage and there would be no surprise to see him dropping out tomorrow.

Nicola Kuhn vs Lukas Lacko H2H

These players have never played against each other before.


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