The second round of ATP 500 singles tournament in London, United Kingdom. This match should be a very interesting one as both players are worth each other. To have more insights on this ATP Marin Cilic vs Diego Schwartzman match please check out the preview below.


Marin Cilic

Marin hasn’t had the greatest season so far. He hasn’t played a lot of matches due to injuries mostly. That led to dropping to 15th rank while he was in top10 previously for quite a while. Most of the season was played on clay so far and Marin, even though he is a great player, doesn’t like playing on clay as much as he does on hard/grass grounds. He has a great career win record on the grass with 77 wins and only 27 loses. It only proves the fact that Marin prefers this ground over others. He debuted on the grass yesterday with a convincing victory over Ch. Garin in straight sets. There are very high expectations for Cilic coming into this tournament and he will definitely try his best to climb back in rankings.


Diego Schwartzman

Differently from Cilic, Schwartzman is a clay player who has played most of his career on it. He can shine in some tournaments on other grounds as well but he is not that consistent on it as he may be on clay. Even though his capabilities would allow him to play well on hard/grass, not having a great serve leads to struggles with consistency on these 2 grounds as both of them are faster than clay and a good serve means a lot. Schwartzman doesn’t play often on grass but maybe he’s improved his game on this ground because he looked strong against Bublik yesterday. We’ve got to see if he managed to surprise us once again against a tough opponent tomorrow.


Marin Cilic vs Diego Schwartzman H2H


Cilic is leading H2H by 2 wins to 1.


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