Marin Cilic vs Bernard Tomic one more great match of the first round at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both experienced and talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.


Marin Cilic

Marin Cilic playing his 14th season, he is very experienced and classy tennis player with many strong sides in his game. During last year Cilic has reached his top and become Worlds Nr. 3 at ATP Ratings. Of course, Marin is a great and skillful player, but we can’t call him unbeatable. Croatian had 29 matches at Hardcourt last year and won 20 of them, he played in the Final of Australian Open against Roger Federer and lost it in 5 sets match. That was his 3rd Grand Slam Final in his career. Last year Cilic became Davis Cup champion by winning against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in the Final. Croatian is the 10th all-time leader in earnings with 26 million.

Croatian have a great serve, playing very tactical and concentrate tennis. He likes fast courts, but mostly grass ground.


Bernard Tomic

Bernard Tomic is a very talented player, but with a difficult character. Australian had a great juniors career and were very perspective till injury. He has won 4 ATP titles all on Hardcourt and in 2017 Tomic had his best rank at ATP rating – 17th. Since his beginning of professional career Australian had ups and downs, however, he stays very perspective and young enough to achieve his goals. Tomic will play at hometown, so he will get much more advantage and support from the fans.

B. Tomic is a difficult person, in 2015 he was arrested in Miami and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. In October all charges were dropped against him, however, he undermined his authority as a professional athlete.



Since 2010 they played three times. In 2010 Cilic won against Tomic in 5 sets match at Australian Open. Then they met at US Open in 2011 and Cilic won the match in a more confident way by a result 6:1/6:0/6:2. The last match was at Monreal – Masters Tournament in 2015, where Tomic won in two sets.