Lajovic D. vs Zverev A. will be the second round of this year’s ATP Paris tournament. So far, both players are showing very different results. While Zverev has 5 wins in a row, Lajovic lost 3 games out of 5. However, both players know each other well and this should be a very interesting match. To have more insights on this game, please read our preview below.

Lajovic Dusan

So far Dusan’s results are quite disappointing, losses against opponents like Paul, Rinderknech, Kwon shows that player is far from his best form. And now he is facing Zverev, against whom he lost all three times. However, the last 2 times it was a tough game-ending 2:3. Nevertheless, a strong win against McDonald should give extra confidence for Serbian. Both players like to play in a similar way, long rallies with a strong finish, both have a good serve, so this might turn into a 3 set match. However, a lot depends on Lajovic’s mental state. Considering he has only 3 wins in the last 10 games, it might damage his confidence after losing 1st set. Also, a lot depends on how Lajovic will try to force Zverev to make mistakes because this might be a turning point.

Zverev Alexander

Zverev comes to Paris after winning the tournament in Vienna. Hard to say if he is 100% fit to start the major tournament, but the opponent is very suitable. If Alexander will play as he did in Vienna, this might be a one-sided game. Zverev has a very good serve, apparently, he made good adjustments after last year, when he used to make 7-10 double faults in one match. Therefore, he is serving way better. His game close to the net is also improved which shows that German is showing motivation to grow and is starting to look like a real threat for players like Medvedev and Djokovic. Should he play like in Vienna, Lajovic doesn’t stand a chance against the young star.

Lajovic D. vs Zverev A. H2H

Both players faced each other three times and Zverev won them all, however the last 2 were very close, so this might help Lajovic’s confidence.