Krajinovic F. vs Opelka R. will be the first round of this year’s ATP Paris tournament. We have two very different players. While Krajinovic likes long points, many drop shots, and playing at the net, Opelka is a very tall and strong player, who likes to finish points with 2-3 hits. This should be a very interesting game. To have more insights on this game, please read our preview below.

Krajinovic Filip

So far, like Opelka, Filip can’t find his way to victories. Only one win from his last 5 games. Of course, losing against opponents like Zverev, Medvedev, and Sinner is nothing to be ashamed of, but a loss against Martinez has shown that Filip is a long way from his best game. Considering that hard is his favourite ground to play on, he should be concerned whether it is mental or physical problems. Nevertheless, now he is facing an opponent, who has the very same problems but is very dangerous for on his own serve and in tie breaks. Filip’s best chance to win is an early break, otherwise, it might be a very close game, where everything will decide in the tie break. And in that stage of the game, a player with better serve always has an advantage.

Opelka Reilly

Just like Filip, Opelka is not showing good form and losses against players like Brooksby, Harris only proves it. Opelka is best known for his insane serve and very strong forehand. However, his forehand might not be a factor against players like Krajinovic, because his speed and ability to counter might cause a lot of problems for Reilly. Nevertheless, with his strong serve, he might take the set to tie break where he will have a huge advantage. Knowing that Filip is not the strongest player mentally, winning the first set might be crucial for both players. This is a 50-50 match, but if Opelka manages to take the game to tie break, he should win this match.

Krajinovic Filip vs Opelka Reilly H2H

Both players have never faced each other before, but it only makes this match more interesting, because anyone can try to show something new.