D. Ferrer vs F. Tiafoe one more great match at the Miami Masters 2019 Round of 1/16 taking place in Miami on the hard court. Both talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.


David Ferrer

David Ferrer the old wolf or a pitbull like Andy Roddick once named him. After an unthinkable amount of games, his career is about to reach the sunset. As he already announced that he will be retiring in Madrid Open and AO was his last grand slam. He had his farewell ceremonies in Acapulco Auckland and Buenos Aires but David isn’t in a hurry to have one in Miami yet. One of the best players to have never won a Grand Slam title being unlucky to have played in probably the most talented era of tennis and he proved just that yesterday beating worlds number 3 in Alex Zverev. Ferrer is in great shape as always and playing really good tennis.

Good win against Querrey who although isn’t playing well, but still is very dangerous on a hard court and obviously a remarkable win against a top 3 Sascha Zverev. Conditions do suit Ferrer as he likes the Hardcourt and he has got the advantage on most of the players as the humidity is very demanding on the body and David is always in great shape and always makes you play a couple of balls extra. His never say die attitude made him one of the most respected players on the tour. The guy has an amazing return, a great (especially inside out) forehand and a very solid backhand (it could look a bit odd as he likes to let go of his left hand on the follow through but he rarely misses from this wing).


Francis Tiafoe

Francis Tiafoe is a young American prospect with a bright future he can go right at the top. Like most Americans, his trademark shots are served and forehand. However, he also has a solid backhand and moves extremely well on all surfaces. Like most young players he still lacks consistency and on his day can really beat anyone and can also lose to anyone. His idol growing up was Del Potro. He still has a ball signed by the Argentine when Francis was a kid. The start of the season in AO was a dream come true as he beat Anderson and Dimitrov on his route to a first grand slam QF only to get eliminated by the great Rafa Nadal. Though Tiafoe has struggled since and lost matches he probably shouldn’t have.



This is gonna the first meeting for these players so no history between them to talk about.


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