The second day of 1/8 finals in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Frenchman Adrian Mannarino will face up against Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in the second match of the day. To have more insights on this ATP Adrian Mannarino vs Fernando Verdasco match please check out the preview below.


Adrian Mannarino

Adrian is a 30 years old Frenchman who had his best season a few years ago and is playing on an average level since then. Hard is the ground he prefers most as about 70% of the matches he played last season were on hand. The grass is the second favorite ground for him and he has a good record on it for the last 3 years as he tends to win around 66% of his matches played on grass. Given how short is the grass season and how many good players show up in these tournaments it’s definitely not a bad achievement for a guy like Mannarino. Frenchman loves slow play style with long rallies in whom he can look at forcing opponents mistakes. Tomorrow’s matchup might be a really good one for him given how aggressive Verdasco loves to play.


Fernando Verdasco

Fernando is a 35 years old Spaniard who is selecting tournaments he plays in quite carefully. His best days are long gone but he can still show up in a decent form at some tournaments. Verdasco hasn’t played a lot of matches on the grass past few seasons. His shape on this ground is questionable for tomorrow’s game. Anyway, it’s only the first match of this tournament for him and fatigue should not be something that Spaniard could blame for a bad performance so we shall see how he adapts on grass for the first game this season on this specific ground.


Adrian Mannarino vs Fernando Verdasco H2H

Verdasco holds H2H record by winning 2 matches to 1.


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