UEFA Champions League as always is of big importance for the world of sports. The very best teams in Europe meet to fight for the most significant trophy of the football world. The players of the highest level meet and confront each other defending the club’s honor. This annual football club competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations.

In the tournament were left 16 of the best teams this season. Each game is now decisive, although there is a chance to win back, after the defeat in the first match. SmashingTip wants to analyze and provide information about who has more chances to win, how the teams got into the playoff and, of course, about the best players of the tournament.


Group Stage

In the Champions League this season as always playing the strongest teams, however, it happens that even the greatest clubs didn’t qualify to playoffs.

Group A – there were no surprises in this group, apart from the fact that Monaco without the best players of its club took not the 3rd place, but the last in the group. Dortmund and Atletico always look great in Europe, and this year is not an exception. Club Brugge KV was promoted to Europa League, as they took the 3rd place of the group.

Group B – in this group it was not all clear, except for Barcelona, as they were undefeated. Inter, Tottenham, and PSV fought to the last to get a ticket to play off. Unfortunately, the legendary club Inter will continue to play in the Europa League. Tottenham was better so they finished in the second place, and left PSV out of competitions. Most interesting, that PSV scored in every match and fought until the very end.

Group C – this group was very unpredictable too because all the clubs showed great football and desire to go further, however more lucky were Paris SG and Liverpool. Napoli promoted to Europa league, as a result, FK Crvena Zvezda left Europe competitions.

Group D – surprisingly Porto showed the best football and were undefeated during the group stage, finally promoted to playoffs. Schalke took second place, Galatasaray promoted to Europa League and Lokomotiv Moskow returned home till next season.

Group E – Bayern Munich did what it had to do, passed on without losses, there could be no doubt. From such a group, Bayern emerged should have been qualified with Ajax with him, leaving Benfica in 3rd and AEK Athens in last places.

Group F – Manchester City as a favorite at this tournament passed to playoffs together with Lyon. Shakhtar Donetsk left on 3rd place and Hoffenheim in the last one.

Group G – there should have been no surprises in this group. But Real and Roma played weak football, however, with difficulty, but both went further. Plzen was promoted to Europa League, unfortunately, CSKA Moscow left the Europe tournaments.

Group H – In this group, everything happened as it should have been, Juventus and Manchester went further, Valencia ended up in the Europa League and outsider Young Boys back home.


Featured Players

In this tournament, not always the best players show all their capabilities. Sometimes there are big surprises and even mid-level players show great results. This year there were no special surprises and in the table of the best players, we see almost the same face as every year.

As the Best Striker at the top of the Table, we see R. Lewandowski with 8 scored goals, second is L. Messi with 6 and third place with 5 scored goals shared between E. Dzeko, D. Tadic, A. Kramaric, M. Marega, Neymar and P. Dybala.

Best Assister is R. Mahrez with 4 crucial passes. Many famous players sharing second place with 3 assists – A. Griezmann, K. Mbappe, J. Alba and M. Depay.

K. Ronaldo is not seen among the best players, but we are sure that he will show himself and prove that he deserves to be among the greatest again.


Last years

Competition introduced in 1955 as European Champions Clubs Cup, however, in 1992 took its current name. From the beginning of this tournament, most titles have Real Madrid with 13 Trophies and only 3 lost finals. As at the beginning of the appearance of the competition and now Real Madrid shows superb results and won 4 in the last 5 years. In Europe, they dominated all these years. Zidane and Ronaldo left the club, these were the key people who led the club to big victories. That is why this year will be very unpredictable.



As always in this tournament plays the strongest teams and it is very difficult to predict the victory of one or the other team. Some teams faced serious injuries of their players. For example, Tottenham and Bayern will play without their leaders. Dele Ali and Harry Kane, Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben will miss the main matches. Real Madrid, Lyon, and AS Roma can’t find their best football and need some time to get confidence and abilities. Schalke, Ajax, and Porto have small chances to win as they don’t have many opportunities to fight against best Europe clubs. Dortmund, Paris SG, and Liverpool showing great football this year, as well they are leaders at domestic Standings, however, we see them as possible semifinal teams maximum.

SmashingTip thinks Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus and Barcelona are the favorites for the moment, as they showing best possible football. We can see Spanish dominance in Europe football, so we hope that other country football will show their superiority this time. Follow us to find out more about the most interesting matches of the Champions League.