US Open is the biggest of 4 Grand Slam tournaments and is the last one of the year. With a prize fond for nearly 29,000,000$ it’s without a question the most awaited tournament and you can always see the biggest superstars of the music, other sports and even politicians having the best seats and enjoying incredible tennis. With this summary, we’ll get deeper into this year’s US Open and review some of the best moments of this tournament.

The biggest surprise of US Open

Without a doubt, the biggest surprise for many tennis fans and experts were the domination of a young Russian, Daniil Medvedev. Not only did this guy entered the tournament after having played 16 matches in 18 days, but he’s also been dominating at US Open as well. A lot of health issues, fatigue were hitting hard, but Medvedev managed to stay strong and not only did he reach the final, it was awesome to see him come back into the game against the 3 times US Open champion and being very close to winning it himself. Medvedev has risen in rankings from Top 30 to Top 4 throughout this journey and is a man to watch over the upcoming ATP Finals.

The biggest return of US Open

There are few honourable mentions including Diego Schwartzman and Stan Wawrinka, who both have reached the quarter-finals, but one guy was playing incredibly well while nobody expected him to be in that way. This guy is named Grigor Dimitrov. The 28 years old Bulgarian was having one of the worse seasons of his career and nothing were going his way, but he entered this tournament in great shape and managed to dominate at early stages. Grigor took down the “Maestro” Roger Federer in 5 sets in the quarter-final and has only lost to the young and probably hottest player on tour at the moment, D. Medvedev. This performance led Dimitrov to comeback into 25th spot in the ranking.

The biggest upset of US Open

There are also some guys we have to mention before naming the most upsetting one. Kyle Edmund lost against P. Andujar in the first round of the tournament while the Spaniard is not even a hard surface player and not many people could’ve seen that coming. Krajinovic, Tsonga, Tsitsipas have dropped out in the 1st round as well against potentially weaker opponents, but nothing was worse than the performance of 8th ranked Russian. 23 years old Russian, Karen Khachanov had to play against 225th ranked Vasek Pospisil. A guy, who has only played 7 matches this season due to many injuries and who hasn’t even been at his 100%. Even though the Russian managed to win 2 sets it was clearly that he’s been just unprepared for the tournament and couldn’t do anything against the Canadian, while the expectations were huge for Khachanov.

The final match and the champion of US Open

This final match has illustrated the whole tournament perfectly. It was definitely a joy to watch as every match were competitive and exciting, especially the ones at later stages. 3 times US Open champion Rafael Nadal had to play against the hottest player on tour at the moment, Daniil Medvedev in the final match of the tournament. In the first two set’s Nadal has looked better and after getting a break in the 3rd it seemed like the match is already over. Well, Medvedev had different plans and took care of Nadal in 3rd and even managed to win the 4th one as well. The 5th set could have gone either way but Rafa’s experience did its job and the Spaniard got to enjoy his 4th title of US Open.

Conclusion of US Open 2019

This year’s US Open 2019 had everything a tennis fan could want – from some comebacks of the well-known players to young rising superstars proving their worth. Let’s hope that we’ll see the Big 3 competing at this tournament next year as well and let’s wait for the sum-up of this 2019 tennis season in London, at the ATP Finals.


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