This will be the middleweight bout between the champion Israel Adesanya and the number one contender Paulo Costa. The fight, which will take place at UFC 253, doesn’t have a location yet. It probably will take place in either Las Vegas or Abu Dhabi, but the promotion hasn’t finalized those plans just yet because of the coronavirus pandemic. To have more insights on this UFC Paul Costa vs Israel Adesanya fight, please read our preview below.

Paulo Costa

The „Eraser“ has lived up to his nickname so far, by brutalizing every single his opponent. Costa so far has won all 13 of his fights, the last one was against Romero, which was a 5 round war, proving that both fighters have a great physique. Costa started his word war against Adesanya some time ago and is showing a great self-trust ahead of their fight. However, in this fight Paulo will have a height and reach disadvantage, also it is good matchmaking for the champion because obviously, Costa will come up swinging, while Adesanya is well known for his counter-attacking. Nevertheless, the contender has a one-punch knockout power, so Israel also will have to be very careful here, because one mistake might cost him a title.

Israel Adesanya

Adesanya came into UFC like a meteor, in less than two years, he absolutely dominated the middleweight division (19-0) and became its champion. His last fight and first title defence was a true disappointment for every fighting fan. His opponent Romero did not go on the attack, and during the fight, there were only a few times fighters changed heavier shots, most of the time Adesanya went for Romero’s legs. However, this fight only shows how smart Adesanya is, and this might be a key factor in the upcoming fight. Costa is not a very intelligent fighter, so he rather uses his knockout power than his mind. Israel could add this to his height and reach advantages and use it to defeat the aggressive opponent.

Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa H2H

Both fighters have never faced each other before, therefore this fight is even more unpredictable.