I. Adesanya vs A. Silva one more great match of Middleweight bout UFC 234 taking place in Melbourne, Australia. Both talented fighters will have a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Melbourne, Australia

UFC comes back to Australia! In UFC 234 co-main event undefeated Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya (15-0) faces legendary, the one and only Anderson “The Spider” Silva (34-8). This is a dream matchup for fans because Adesanya is like a younger version of Anderson Silva. Both fighters have an insane level of striking, both are fast, explosive, very technical and powerful. We believe that it will be an awesome fight!

Israel Adesanya

This fight to Israel is the most important fight of his life. He is meeting his idol, who became his rival. In one interview “The Last Stylebender said “I watched this guy for years, all his fights. I know him better than he knows himself. ” Israel is really tall for his weight class, and has 3 inches reach advantage over “The Spider”. Adesanya is one of the highest level kickboxers in MMA today. He is fighting with a lot of confidence, has heavy use of kicks. His striking is fantastic to watch, Israel strikes from unorthodox angles. Also “The Last Stylebender” is very technical and composed. Israel Adesanya is the future.

Anderson Silva

There is no argument Anderson being a GOAT. What he has done with his career and his legacy is extraordinary. He is a different kind of striker, high-level timing, speed, perfect technique. He is like a ninja. “The Spider” was fighting great fighters and defeated them in spectacular fashion. The greatest fighter in MMA history is now long in the tooth, he is 43 years old, but still putting in work in the octagon. This time he will fight a younger version of himself – Israel Adesanya. Anderson Silva has a lot more experience, has been in deep water before & founds a way to win anyways. He is the greatest striker in the sport’s history and has insane knockout power. “The Spider” will hurt you and he will take you out.


These fighters never met each other in the octagon.