H. Cejudo vs T.J. Dillashaw one more great match of UFC Fight Night taking place in Brooklyn, New York. Both talented fighters will have a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below. Henry Cejudo (13-2-0) vs T.J. Dillashaw (16-3-0) is a SUPER FIGHT. Both men are champions. Henry Cejudo is 125 pounds (flyweight) champion of the world and T.J. Dillashaw is 135 pounds (bantamweight) reigning champion of the world. The bantamweight champion will go down and challenge Henry Cejudo for flyweight division belt. Both men are on top of their games and this fight sooner or later had to be made.


Henry Cejudo

Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo is an extraordinary fighter. He is a freestyle wrestler. Also, he is 2008 Olympic Games gold medalist. Back in UFC 227 after thrilling five rounds battle he defeated probably the best ex-champion in the UFC – Demetrious Johnson by decision and became the new flyweight champion of the world. “The Messenger” is a very dangerous fighter no matter where the fight goes. He can wrestle till dead, he has vicious knockdowns but also he can box all five rounds and knock opponents out. Also, Cejudo is an incredible athlete by MMA standards, he is very fast, powerful and strong in the clinch.


T.J. Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw definitely fighter to fear. He is maybe the best UFC bantamweight of all time. But what he is doing? He is dropping extra ten pounds to challenge Henry Cejudo and try to become two-division UFC champion. Back in UFC 217 he TKO’d Cody Garbrandt in the second round and reclaim his bantamweight title. Garbrandt got a rematch. But circumstances were the same. In UFC 227 Dillashaw TKO’d Garbrandt again and defended his bantamweight title. T.J. is extremely fast and explosive, has a very good wrestling background, knockout power. He also is aggressive, has fantastic footwork. The bantamweight champion is an active striker, he throws a lot of strikes in the fight so it will be a long night for Henry Cejudo.



These fighters never met each other in the octagon because they are from different weight divisions. Both fighters are fast, aggressive, explosive. It will be a superb fight. Expect fireworks.