Gaethje J. vs Chandler M. will be the Lightweight bout which will take place at Madison Square Garden. This should be an electrifying fight and probably will be a contender to fight of the night. Gaethje has already said a few times, that he does not like Chandler, so the hate is there and knowing Chandler’s intelligence, he might turn the hate to the opponent. Nevertheless, this is a very anticipated fight and to have more insights, please read our preview below.

Justin Gaethje

Justin already mentioned that a win in this fight would earn him a title shot, therefore it is obvious that a victory is vital for Justin. His biggest weapon in this fight will be leg kicks. Like in the fight against Khabib, Gaethje managed to win the first round just because of leg kicks. Wrestling hardly will be used, because Chandler is a former professional wrestler, so this fight should be all about striking. Both guys have an insane one punch knock out power. Therefore, this fight most likely won‘t last all three rounds. Both guys have great cardio, but Chandler has better and in the third round it might be a huge advantage.

Mike Chandler

Chandler stormed into UFC with a first-round TKO against Hooker. After such a win he got his title shot but fell short against current champion Oliveira. Although he lost that fight, Mike was only a couple of punches away from winning that fight. However, in this fight his mentality will be also tested, considering that both guys are coming of the loss, this fight is vital for both fighters and another loss would push them down through the rankings. It will be very interesting to see if Chandler will dare to try to wrestle Gaethje, it might be a good strategy to make the opponent tired going into the 3rd round, however, Chandler’s stand-up fighting will be tested and his main goal is to avoid leg kicks.

Gaethje J. vs Chandler M. H2H

Both fighters have never faced each other, which makes this fight even more interesting.