Levante Villarreal
team_logoAitor Fernández #13 team_logoAndrés Fernández #13
team_logoCoke #23 team_logoMario Gaspar #2
team_logoRúben Vezo #14 team_logoSanti Cazorla #8
team_logoToño #3 team_logoS. Chukwueze #11
team_logoCampaña #24 team_logoIborra #10
team_logoN. Vukčević #17 team_logoGerard Moreno #7
team_logoE. Bardhi #10 team_logoK. Toko Ekambi #17
team_logoMorales #11 team_logoMoi Gómez #23
team_logoPostigo #15 team_logoAlbiol #3
team_logoRochina #16 team_logoAlberto Moreno #18
team_logoSergio León #7 team_logoPau Torres #4
2019-03-10 league_logo La Liga Levante : Villarreal 0 : 2
2018-11-04 league_logo La Liga Villarreal : Levante 1 : 1
2018-01-20 league_logo La Liga Villarreal : Levante 2 : 1
2017-08-21 league_logo La Liga Levante : Villarreal 1 : 0
2016-02-28 league_logo La Liga Villarreal : Levante 3 : 0

On the 23rd of August, the match between Levante vs Villarreal of La Liga will be held at Estadi Ciutat de València, in Valencia. Last season both teams finished with the same amount of points and standing near each other. Villarreal took 14th place because of better goals difference, while Levante were at 15th. This match should be very interesting as both middle-class teams will fight till the end in this important second round of LaLiga match.

During the last season, these teams played 3 times, in the regular season and friendly game during this summer. Villarreal was stronger teams playing friendly and away match in La Liga, however, drawn the match in Estadio de la Ceramica, in Villareal. In general, Levante vs Villarreal should be an interesting game, so read our thought here below.



Levante acquired in the offseason several new players who will strengthen the team in different positions. This season, they started from losing, however, they took lots of positive emotions from this game. First of all, Levante showed a strong game in defence. Even after lost, they really looked confident and almost stopped opponent creating dangerous moments. Secondly, their attack worked very hard, unfortunately, they failed to score even after 16 goal attempts and much better ball control. Levante mostly played in the opponents half and had 9 corners. During this game, Levante made 448 passes with 82% accuracy. They were favourites of the game by the statistics, however, playing away match is always very hard because of the support of the fans. If they continue to play such football, then this season will be definitely more successful.



Villarreal this summer made lots of changes in their squad as several team leaders left the club. Most important is that Santi Cazorla came back to the beloved squad and already playing as he played before. In the opening game of La Liga against Granada, he scored the 100th goal of his career and made an assist. All this attention to one person, only because he had been injured for 2 years and was already ready to end his career. Santi has more than 10 operations and eventually returned to the field to play for Villarreal.

The first game was not so successful as they planed, especially playing at Estadio de la Ceramica, in Villareal. The Yellow Submarine has drawn the game against Granada in a smashing game with 4:4 result. The home team took advantage every time when they scored, however, Granada scored back and finally, they finished the match with a very productive draw. You can not draw conclusions from one game, but the team needs to tighten the defence that’s for sure. Opponents very quickly passed from defence to attack. The team has the potential to succeed this season and take a higher position.


Article image is taken from https://www.laliga.com