2019-04-22 Eliteserien Rosenborg : Strømsgodset 0 : 0
2018-08-26 Eliteserien Rosenborg : Strømsgodset 4 : 3
2018-04-29 Eliteserien Strømsgodset : Rosenborg 0 : 1
2017-09-10 Eliteserien Strømsgodset : Rosenborg 0 : 2
2017-06-04 Eliteserien Rosenborg : Strømsgodset 3 : 1

Stromsgodset vs Rosenborg should be a very important game for both during the 27th Round of Eliteserien, which will be held at Marienlyst Stadion, in Drammen. Rosenborg fighting for the place to be qualified in European competitions, while Stromsgodset is on the edge of relegation to OBOS-Ligaen. Norway Eliteserien season slowly coming to an end. So here we will see a very tough and difficult game for both very motivated teams. Read our thoughts about this exciting and thrilling Eliteserien Stromsgodset vs Rosenborg match, here below.


4 games left until the end of the Eliteserien season, so Stromsgodse should find enough motivation and desire to save their place in the highest Norway league. After 12 years in this league, being Champions and twice vice-champions of Eliteserien Godset should try to make everything since this is a matter of principle already. Yes, this season was very difficult for them. Last year, they also could be among relegated teams, but they took 13th place and continue to play in Eliteserien. So far, this season they lost 6 games at home and won only 5. This is the second worse result in the league after Ranheim, as they lost 8 games. Moreover, the team facing big troubles playing a defensive game, as they also are second by the amount of conceded goals at home.

Away, this team is absolutely outsiders, as they won only 1 game during this season. However, their form during the last several games growing up, as they lost only once in already 6 games, twice won and 3 matches finished with a draw. But, still, they need to find the right way to play as strong as it is possible during the last 4 rounds facing teams from the top 7.

Very interesting that for the last Norway national team call up, the Stromsgodset captain Jacob Glesnes had a chance to make debut for Norway but stayed on the bench. He was the only player from this club, but still, that’s a great sign, as they have perspectives, strong and valuable players. Unfortunately, Magnus Lankhof Dahlby and Nicholas Mickelson will miss the next game due to injuries.


Rosenborg is one of the most well-known Norway teams in Europe. They are Champions of Eliteserien for 4th time in a row so far. However, this season title is under question, as they are 12 points away from 1st place Molde and only 4 matches left to play so far. So very likely, that this year Rosenborg will stay without a trophy. Moreover, they already almost lost chances to play in UEFA Europa League Playoffs, since they were defeated in all 3  group matches against PSV, Sporting, and LASK Linz. In general, their last form is very unimpressive, as they lost 3 out of the last 5 meetings and won only over the Molde, which very likely will be the next Norway Champion. That should be even more offensive for Rosenborg. During this season, Rosenborg won only 3 games being guests and lost points in 10 other matches.

After being 4-time champions, they relaxed too much and paid for that. Next season even could be without any European competition, so they need to come back stronger. They have a very strong team and the most valuable squad in Norway. Very likely, that Eirik Horneland will be changed after this season since he joined the squad after Rini Coolen and team played the weakest season during the last 5 years.


Article image is taken from https://www.rbk.no/