Napoli vs Juventus should be one of the most waited Serie A match of 26th Round, which will be held at Stadio San Paolo, in Naples. Two biggest rivals of 2019/20 season will face one again already with absolutely different motivations and chances. Napoli this season totally lost the form and even made very questionable changes in a managerial position. Read our thoughts about this exciting Serie A Napoli vs Juventus match and get best betting tips here below.

Napoli vs Juventus


If last season was very disappointing as the squad almost get the 1st place and failed only after half of the season. Then this time they were demotivated after few defeats and doesn’t get back on winning path. Hopefully, this great and talented squad will fight for UEFA Champions League places. However, signing Genaro Gattuso was really a big mistake from our point of view, The AC Milan result should be a great example how even with big changes in the first eleven squad doesn’t reach season targets. At the moment Neapolitanos stand at 13th place. Place and have troubles in their game. Even players like Insigne, Mertens, Milik and Callejon can’t find their best football recently, what brings a big question about reaching season targets.


Turin Juventus stand at the 1st place so far and have a big chance to defend the Serie A winners title. Looked like Inter Milan took leadership of SA after a big break, but Juve stood strong and confidently continues collecting points in very important matches. Cristiano Ronaldo shows his real abilities and scored 13 goals in 10 last games. Moreover, a big amount of superb players which sitting on the bench gives the opportunity to take a rest to the leaders. We expect them to keep fighting for 1st place once again. Moreover, they showed a very great performance in UEFA Champions League targetting the top places too. Maurizio Sarri together with such a talented squad can be very dangerous and compete against teams like Barcelona, Liverpool or Bayern which took CL under their control recently.


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