Napoli vs Fiorentina should be a very exciting game, as for both every point should be extremely important in Serie A. This match will be held at Stadio San Paolo, in Naples. For both the first half of the season was very difficult and obviously they did not achieve the desired results. These talented, well-known and very promising teams will still prove themselves this season. And this match can be a very good start in the second part of the season in the Italian highest League. Read our thoughts about this interesting Serie A Napoli vs Fiorentina match here below and get best betting tips.

Napoli vs Fiorentina


SSC Napoli plays differently in Serie A and UEFA Champions League. They won only 3 games in the last 15 of SA and stands below the half of the table. In Europe, on the contrary, the team did not lose any game in the group stage, took the second place and even beat the current champions Liverpool. After the previous 4 very strong seasons and 3 times second place holders, Napoli changed several managers. Gennaro Gattuso was one of the most unpredictable Azzurri’s choice. Of course, at Stadio San Paolo, Napoli have a big advantage against even strongest teams. However, they lost 3 games against Inter, which is second in the Serie A at the moment, and surprisingly to Bologna and Parma with the same result 1:2. Both times Naples where very near to take at least 1 point but failed due to bad shape and lack of form recently.


Viola stands at the moment at 14th place and won only 5 games during this Serie A season. Fiorentina called two very experienced players Boateng and Ribery at summer transfer window, unfortunately, they missed lots of games already and did not help the club as they could. Guests won only 1 game against Sassuolo and lost 3  matches during the last 5 meetings. In all games, they conceded at least by 1 goal and have really big troubles in defence. They should start playing better if they want to be above half of the table. Unfortunately, this time two newcomers of the club will miss the game once again. But obviously, they have to change their game in a better way and start collecting points in every meeting. Moreover, the team can play at a very high level and compete in the highest places of Serie A.


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