Augsburg will face Borussia Dortmund at WWK Arena in Augsburg, at German Bundesliga 24th Round. Augsburg against Borussia Dortmund is the match with big interest after their previous matches at German Bundesliga. Review our thoughts on this match here below. 



Augsburg now stands at 15th position in Bundesliga and is under the risk to drop to relegation zope. They have 18 points and that is only 2 points difference from Stuttgart. At home, Augsburg plays unconfident football and won only twice. In total, we can call home team one of the worst defense having team because they already conceded 19 goals and that is the second result in Bundesliga. Augsburg has lost 6 of 7 their last matches in German highest league. Moreover, they conceded at least 3 goals in their last 3 matches.

The biggest loss for Augsburg is striker Finnbogason who already scored 10 goals and will miss next match due to injury. The scoring potential will be much will be much weaker. Moreover, Reece Oxford will miss the match due to red card suspension, right defender Framberger and forward Schiebe due to injuries.

This season on average Fuggerstädter scores 1.4 goals per match, pass with 74.2% accuracy and shots 14.1 times per game (that’s more than Borussia). Augsburg is great at attacking set pieces and stealing the ball from the opposition. They are facing troubles at defending against long shots, set pieces, and counter-attacks. Moreover, they are weak at protecting the lead. Very likely that team will play by long balls, attempt crosses often, play width and aggressive football.


Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund is playing strong football this season, as they lost only once in Bundesliga. They now stand at 1st place and have 3 points difference with Bayern Munich. They should be very motivated for winning the highest Germany league after a big break of 6 seasons. The young and talented team looks very confidently with big perspectives for the future. English talent J. Sancho could make a double in near future as he already made 10 assists and scored 8 goals in Bundesliga.

Most important players are fit and ready to fight against Augsburg. Unfortunately, Pusilic will miss the match due to injury. It is great that M. Reus are fit and ready for gaining another 3 points.

On average Borussia score 2.5 goals per game, pass with 85.3% accuracy, however, shoots only 12.9 times per game. They are great at finishing scoring chances, creating chances using through balls and coming back from losing positions. Borussia is looking weak at aerial duels and protecting the lead. Very likely that Borussia Dortmund will play possessional football with short passes, play non-aggressively and control the game in the opposition’s half.



In last 6 matches in a row, these teams played very productive games both scoring in the game. During last year teams met 2 times, once they played draw and last match Dortmund won in a very resultative game with 4:3 result at home.


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