Villarreal will face Sporting at Estadio de la Cerámica, in Villarreal, in the Europa League 1/16-Finals. Villarreal against Sporting is always the match with big interest, especially during this season. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Villarreal is among these teams that play in Europe Tournaments well, however, face problems at the Domestic League.  They are facing troubles at LaLiga as they stand at 18th position with only 4 wins. If they will not fix their game, they could be relegated to LaLiga 2. Despite they are in the relegation zone, their last form is good enough. In their last 5 matches, they lost only once, won against Sevilla 3:0 and against Sporting in the Europa League first round of 1/16 Finals.

Almost all main squad players are fit and ready to play against Portuguese. Unfortunately, Bruno Soriano will miss the match due to injury. Very big and great contribution to good results is made by Santi Cazorla, an experienced, fast and skillful player.

This season Villarreal is great at creating long shot opportunities, creating chances through individual skills and creating scoring chances. Very likely that at home Villarreal will try to take a lot of shots and attack down the left, as 1:0 result is not very confident, and everything can change very fast. The Spanish club is facing troubles at defending against skillful players, defending set pieces, avoiding offside and finishing scoring chances.



Sporting this season is trying to reach their maximum and one more time take a place in UEFA Europa League next year. In Primeira Liga, they are at 4th position with 8 points difference between second place. In 12 matches at home, they lost only once and played one time a draw. However, they facing troubles playing away, as they lost 4 times and 2 games drawn. In Europa League, they shoot less than in Portugal and their statistics are much worse.

Some of the main squad players will miss the match. J. Mathieu and R. Battaglia will miss the match due to injuries. In addition, Nani signed Orlando City in MLS on a three-year contract on a free transfer.

Sporting CP needs to score at least one goal to continue fighting with Villarreal and get a chance to go further. This is the last chance to participate in Europe, so they need to take all strengths and send them to rivals.



Last time Villareal was more successful as they won the match with the minimal 1:0 result playing in Lisbon. The goal was scored at the 3rd minute of the game and surprisingly was the last one. Sporting tried to press the opponents, they shot 11 times, had 7 corners and finally at 77th minute got the red card. The match ended with the result 1: 0, this is why the Portuguese need to recoup.


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