Valencia will face Celtic at Mestalla Stadium, in Valencia, in the Europa League 1/16-Finals. Valencia against Celtic is always the match with big interest, especially during this season. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Valencia this season is stuck in draw games crisis. Valencia already played 14 times a draw in 24 matches and that is more than a half games only in LaLiga. However, they have the 3rd best result in Spanish league playing with the smallest quantity of losings. In addition, they have one of the best defenses in Spain, as they conceded only 20 goals, in that case only Atletico Madrid is better. In total, they look very good at the pitch but draws never give you a chance to be among the best teams. It’s better to win 2 and lose 1 time to get 6 points, instead of 3 points from played draws. As a result, we can see Valencia now at 9th position with 4 losses and for example Alaves with 8 losses at 6th position.

Some of the main squad players will miss the match. C. Piccini, Rodrigo and G. Paulista will be absent due to injuries. Valencia should be upset about the fact that the Belgian Batshuayi in the Loan, because there may face problems in the attack. However, against Celtic, they need to save 0:2 result and would be perfect to not concede at all. Now they have all the opportunities to go to the next round, the main thing is not to miss it.

The Oranges this season are great at creating scoring chances, counter attacks and attacking set pieces. Very likely that they will attack through the middle, take a lot of shots and try to save the result. They have some troubles at finishing scoring chances, defending against long shots and skillful players.



Celtic as always is the leader of the Scotland Premiership. Now they stand at the first place with 8 points difference against their constant rival Rangers. This is a great achievement that they left the group in the European League. Their football level is lower than the most clubs from the top leagues in Europe. The group stage was very lucky for Scotlands as Leipzig struggled to win in 3 last games and gave a chance to Celtic to go further.

Some of the main squad players will miss the next very important match. Central defender F. Benkovic, attacking midfield T. Rogic and very likely forward L. Griffiths will miss the match due to injuries. Very much players now are on Loan, especially sad to miss one of the leader of the squad, young talent M. Dembele, who is playing for Lyon Olympic now.

In UEFA Europa League Celtic scored in average 0.9 goals per game, pass with 82.6% accuracy and shot 9.4 times per game. That is far away from the best result for the team who wants to fight for the Europa League Title.



Last week these teams played at the first round in Glasgow. Valencia was a stronger and better team and won the match with 2:0 result. Celtic controlled the possession, however, shot only 5 times and 2 times on target. Moreover, Celtic was more aggressive.


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