Lazio will face Sevilla at Olimpico Stadium, in Rome, in the Europa League 1/16-Finals. Lazio against Sevilla is always the match with big interest, especially during this season. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



SS Lazio this season is showing middle-class football, however, they are now at 7th position with only 1 point difference with 4th place. At home, Lazio is losing matches only against strongest teams.

Lazio periodically faces the problem of a lack of players, which strongly affects the team play. The team has very experienced, strong and technical players who make the result and decide the way the game is played. However, very likely that L. Alberto, C. Immobile, S. Milinkovic-Savic, and J. Lukaku will miss the match due to injuries, moreover, Wallace will miss the match for sure.

This season in Serie A the Eagles scores in average 1.4 goals per game, pass with 82.4% accuracy and shots 17.4 times per game. Very likely that Lazio will take a lot of shots, attack through the middle and left side. Moreover, as the play at home ground, they should control the game in the opposition’s half. SS Lazio facing troubles at finishing scoring chances and avoiding offside.



Sevilla this season is showing great results as they now stand in 4th place. However, they are facing problems in the last games, as they won only once in the last 5 matches in LaLiga and lost 3 games. The team is trying to go further in the table or at least save their chances to be promoted to Champions League. Now they are 7 points away from the 3rd position and 2 points ahead against the 5th place.

Like their opponents, Sevilla is facing an injury crisis. For sure Nolito will miss the match due to the broken leg, however, questionable stays G. Arana, J. Gnagnon, M Gonalons, and Aleix Vidal. Most of all main players will play and fight against Lazio, although they will play a road game, which reduces the chances of success.

This season in LaLiga the Filigrees scores in average 1.7 goals per game, pass with 79.8% accuracy and shots 14times per game. Very likely that Sevilla will play aggressively, attack through the middle and right side and take a lot of shots. They are great at counter attacks and creating scoring chances. However, they have weaknesses at avoiding offsides, aerial duels and stopping opponents from creating chances.



These teams have never played with each other.