Tottenham vs RB Leipzig will be one of the most interesting 1/8 Champions League Final games, which will be held at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, in London. One of the most experienced managers in the World will face one of the youngest. These teams have never met before, but we already know that this game should give us lots of emotions and beautiful moments. Two young clubs with very interesting tactics will try to overcome each other in important German – English confrontation. Vice champions of the UEFA Champions League have more experience in Europe, however, Leipzig grows fastly, therefore, their desire to win can be much stronger than experience. Most interesting, that previously, Tottenham had a big interest in appointing Nagelsmann as their new coach.

Will the home team be able to defeat the young, talented and incredibly motivated players of the German club? Read our thoughts about this exciting Champions League Tottenham vs RB Leipzig game and get the best betting advice here below.

Tottenham vs RB Leipzig


A few months ago Tottenham decided to sack Pochettino and appointed Jose Mourinho as a new head coach of the club. Firstly, the team struggled to play against even weak opponents. However, at the moment, they started collecting points in every game and showing a very solid character. Jose can be favorite person in the club, but also, can turn very quickly into an antihero. So at the moment, he have a good time in Spurs and hopefully continues to motivate players well. At the moment, they stand at įth place in Premier League and almost reached Chelsea, which is on the 4th position. Unfortunately, the squad should play important games without several players, which would be the most dangerous weapons against every opponent. Sissoko, Lamela and of course, Harry Kane, the captain of the club.

Two last games were very difficult for them, as in both they conceded at least by 2 goals. However, Spurs won these games where their firm and confident character was manifested. So at home, Tottenham will have a big advantage in the first leg and will try to use it for the good of the team, before the next meeting. We also believe that Mourinho will use his CL experience and tactically overcome young Nagelsmann.

RB Leipzig

After an unbelievably strong start of the season, Red Bulls still play strongly in the attack, but facing troubles in defense. During the last 10 games in different competitions, they conceded 14 goals and lost twice against the same opponent Eintracht Frankfurt. Moreover, even 4 games finished with draws and won only 4 meetings. In Bundesliga, they stand at 2nd place with only one point difference with Bayern Munich, so most interesting changes will be in upcoming rounds. Furthermore, Leipzig took the 1st place in Group with Lyon, Benfica, and Zenit, where showed strong intentions for this season in Europe competitions.

The last 5 games seemed very difficult for RB Leipzig, but the team took a confident 3 points in the last match against Bremen. Also, they played one of the toughest season games against Bayern and stood strong saving 1 point at Allianz Arena. So we expect them using their young motivation, desire, and power here against Tottenham.


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