Liverpool will face Bayern Munich at Anfield Stadium, in London, in the Champions League 1/8-Finals. Liverpool against Bayern Munich is always the match with big interest, especially during this season. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Liverpool is in good shape and one of the favorites to fight for Premier League trophy. In 26 games they lost only once, against Manchester City, moreover, they are unbeaten at home. For a very long time, there has been no such intense struggle for the first and fourth place in the Premier League. Liverpool showing great skills in defense, as they are best in the league. Muhamed Salah Shows his great abilities and proves everyone that he is one of the greatest players of our times. One of the strongest and skillful attacks Liverpool should use by a maximum against next opponent in Champions League.

All the players of the main team are healthy and ready to fight for the Champions League Cup. This year, the team pleasantly honors and pleases the fans with excellent results, but the closer the final stages, the harder it will be to Jurgen Klopp and team in total.

Red is really great this season at finishing scoring chances as they have one of the strongest trios in the attack. Strong and fast players making great counter attacks. Big and strong defenders perfectly working at attacking and defending set pieces. Very likely that Liverpool will try to play possessional football with short passes and attack through the middle.


Bayern Munich

Bayern this year trying to reach first place in Bundesliga and it takes a lot of energy and effort. At the beginning of the season, the team had bad series and lost few matches, for what now they need to win all matches for taking back first place. Sometimes they struggling at very unpredictable matches, like against Bayer Leverkusen. One of the reasons for a bad game can be a lot of injured players.

C. Tolliso, M. Neuer, R. Sanchez, and A. Robben will miss the next match due to injuries. These are one of the main squad players and really effects Bayern football from the bad side. In total, players of Bayern Munich are not stable and need to improve their self for better results.

This season Bavarians are very great at attacking and defending set pieces, finishing scoring chances and creating chances through individual skills. Very likely that they will try to take match under their control and attack down the left side. They are bad at avoiding offside and protecting the lead.



These team met only twice. The first time was in the far 2001 year when they played in the UEFA Super Cup Final and Liverpool was stronger and won in the hard match by 3:2 result. Then, teams met in friendly Audi Cup in semi-final and Liverpool once again won against Bayern with more confident win 3:0.


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