Atalanta vs Manchester United will be the 4th game of this year Champions League, so far both teams are struggling, United is in a better position with two in a row and for now, they are in first place in the group. However, in their first meeting this year Atalanta has proven how dangerous they might be, so this should be a very interesting and important game for both sides. To have more insights on this game, please read our preview below.


In their very first meeting, Atalanta has shown that their plan is not to try not to lose, but to grab a win. They were winning 0-2 after half-time only to witness another great comeback by United. Nevertheless, that game has shown United’s weak sides on the defence, also some holes in their own game. Atalanta desperately needs at least one point from this, considering that their plan is to qualify to the next round, but not to Europa league. They are not in a bad position, because they have 2 games left to play at home. From this stage, every point matters and Atalanta definitely can grab at least one point in this game.

Manchester United

There was so much hype when United bought Ronaldo, but it was very short of happiness. Losses against Young Boys, Leicester, Liverpool and Aston Villa has shown that the main problem is defence. Their last game with a clean sheet not including a win against Tottenham was on August against Wolves. Of course, it is obvious that most new players are focused on offence Cavani, Sancho, Ronaldo, Lingard, only Varane was bought to strong-arm defence, but as it seems, it is way not enough. However, against Tottenham United started something new, they left 5 players on defence and it seems it worked, as the Spurs could not make a single shot on goal in the entire game. If OGS will try the same tactics against Atalanta, United might grab all three points.

Atalanta vs Manchester United  H2H

Both teams faced each other just once, it was a month ago in Manchester, where United managed to grab three points after an amazing comeback win.