Wolverhampton will face Manchester United at Anfield Stadium, in Liverpool, at 33rd Round of English Premier League. Wolverhampton against Manchester United is always the match with big interest after their previous matches in English Premier League. This round is very important fighting for highest positions in the league. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Under a new manager, Nuno Espírito Santo and many Portuguese players in the squad team is showing very strong and interesting football. Wolves stand at 7th place and show great and skilful football. At Euro 2020 qualification Portugal called 4 players from Wolverhampton Wanderers, what is a very big impact to the national squad. This is the first season of the team with such a lineup, so next year we can expect even more confident play.

As a hosts, Wolves looks unstoppable since January, they are unbeaten and have scored in 7 games in a row. In 7 home games, they have drawn only one match against Newcastle, won over Liverpool in Premier League and Manchester United in FA Cup. R. Jimenez is the most dangerous striker in the team with 12 scored goals and 6 assists.

All squad players are fit and ready to face one of the strongest League clubs, however, they already won against them in FA Cup. That would be second in a row game between these teams. The win over the Man United put Wolves the to semi-final of FA Cup. Wanderers are very strong this season at counter-attacks, creating scoring chances, aerial duels. Moreover, they have strength in defence like stealing the ball from the opposition. However, they are facing troubles at avoiding fouling in dangerous areas, defending against long shots and set pieces.


Manchester United

Manchester United appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjær as a new permanent Head Coach of the team. United should take revenge after Wolves kicked them out of FA Cup just before the national break. After a great Manchester’s run, they lost 2 games in a row against Arsenal in Premier League and Wolves. They played both as guests, so as we can see the unstoppable streak in road games is over. This is the result of that there are many injured players in the main team. But in general, the team, of course, has achieved great results with a new coach, and even the last two losses did not affect the decision about Ole.

Paul Pogba is very near to make a double in Premier League since he scored 11 goals and made 9 assists. Moreover, Lukaku is back on track with great form and performances. In total, Manchester has young and very perspective players, which will show their abilities in the near future. Very likely, that Manchester will face next opponents without Antonio Valencia, Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard, and Marcus Rashford. All of them are very dangerous and serious players, who can strengthen the squad. However, one more time Manchester will search for ways for best football with the possible lineup.

The Red Devils are very strong this season at shooting from direct free-kicks, creating chances through individual skill and coming back from losing positions. Unfortunately, the play poorly at avoiding offside, defending against attacks down the wings and stopping opponents from creating chances.



During this season, teams already played twice in two different competitions. At the beginning of the season, they have drawn at Old Trafford. However, Wolves was better at Molineux Stadium and knocked out Manchester from FA Cup. United controlled the possession of the match, however, Wolves had more chances to score and took 2:1 victory.


Article Image Taken from https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/03/17/conor-coady-man-utd-win-told-wolves-players-make-sure-team-remembered/