Liverpool will face Huddersfield at Anfield Stadium, in Liverpool, in the 36th Round of English Premier League. Liverpool against Huddersfield is always the match with big interest, especially during this season. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Liverpool now can’t make any mistakes, especially when the next opponent is an absolute outsider of Premier League. The Reds look great this season with only one lost in PL. Hosts won 27 out of 35 games in Premier League. Moreover, their defense is working on the highest level, since they conceded only 20 goals. The Reds still play in Champions League and will meet Barcelona in Semi-final. That is the second year then Liverpool is reaching that high round. Most interesting, that at Anfield hosts not losing this season in Premier League. There is a very strong race for the Title between them and Manchester City.

The Reds are totally fit and ready to face Huddersfield. They are very strong at finishing scoring chances, counter attacks, attacking and defending set pieces. However, they are weak at the aerial duels. M. Salah, S. Mane and R. Firmino now one of the most dangerous trios in the World. They scored 49 goals only in PL. They simply are unstoppable in different competitions and every of the deserves to become player of the year.



Huddersfield has totally ruined their season. They are at the last place in Premier League with only 14 points after 35 matches. In 35 matches they scored only 20 goals. Moreover, they lost 27 games and won only 3. In PL guests lost 6 matches in a row scoring only in one match against West Ham. With such a game they need to play only in the Championship, to gain experience. They were knocked out from all other competitions almost at the first rounds.

It is very hard to find the strengths in the team. However, they play strong at aerial duels and stealing the ball from the opposition. They are facing troubles at defending against skillful players, finishing scoring chances, defending against through ball attacks and defending counter attacks. The main players of the team are fit, however, the mood is very bad.



In the last 4 matches, Liverpool was stronger and saved clean sheet in every game. The first game in Premier League this season Liverpool won with 1:0 result in a pretty tough match.


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