Liverpool will face Chelsea at Anfield Stadium, in Liverpool, at 33rd Round of English Premier League. Liverpool against Chelsea is always the match with big interest after their previous matches in English Premier League. This round is very important fighting for the highest possible positions in the league. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Liverpool plays this season very strong. The first place in the league is well-deserved, after a very good season and now it remains only to strengthen it with a victory against Chelsea. Since the beginning of the season, Liverpool is unbeaten at home. Moreover, they scored 46 and conceded only 10 goals in 16 matches. After a great game against Bayern Munich in Champions League, they were promoted to the quarter-final and won already at home against Porto with 2:0 result. There are very strong to take double this season if Klopp will find the way to take everything under their control.

M. Salah, S. Mane and R. Firmino are one of the strongest attacking lineups in Europe now. Moreover, V. Van Dijk with each game proves that he is worthy to be called the best defender of the world. Jurgen Klopp after few years in Liverpool needs to achieve the desired results and show that he was the best choice for the manager’s position.

The Reds have 6 wins in a row in different competitions. Hosts look very strong at finishing scoring chances, counter attacks, attacking and defending set pieces. Unfortunately, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joel Gomes will miss the match due to injuries, but all other main squad players are ready to face one of the strongest teams in PL.



Chelsea is one of the favorites to take 3rd or 4th places in Premier League. The match against Liverpool is principled since both clubs have lots of plans this season. Away Chelsea is not showing great form, as they already have 6 loses in Premier League and 9 wins. Moreover, they won only twice in last 5 road games, by winning only against outsiders with 2:1 results, which shows their bad mood and weak game. At away matches, they need to play much better if they are going to fight for getting into the Champions League or become champions of the Premier League.

We saw how Chelsea was struggling without E. Hazard when they played in UEFA Europa League against Slavia Prague. Since the summer is soon and the transfer window will be open, Hazard is often associated with the transition to Real Madrid, which should greatly weaken Chelsea. Finally, they won the match by scoring a goal in 86th minute, however, their game was far from the best. If Chelsea is planning to take a trophy of Europa League, they need to be stronger and more confident. Of course, the starting eleven was rotational, with Giroud, Pedro, Kovacic, and Christensen.

All main squad players are fully prepared, moreover, some of them got a rest during the Europa League match. In total, this season guests are looking strong at creating long shot opportunities, creating chances using through balls and attacking down the wings. However, they are facing troubles at aerial duels and stopping opponents from creating chances.



Chelsea is uncomfortable opponents for Liverpool. Liverpool can’t beat Chelsea since 2016/17 seasons beginning. In last 5 games, the Blues were stronger twice, and teams have drawn 3 matches. 4 out of 5 games finished with goals from both teams.


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