Chelsea will face Tottenham at Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, at 28th Round of English Premier League. Chelsea against Tottenham is always the match with big interest after their previous matches in English Premier League. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Chelsea this season looks very weak so far, as they stand at 6th position in Premier League. Moreover, they lost EFL Cup Final against Manchester City by a dramatic penalty shootout. The strangest thing that happened is that Kepa refused to replace, which greatly infuriated the head coach of the team M. Sarri. This is one of the signs that the team needs changes again. In total, they played strongly, without big mistakes in defense, however, without dangerous moments in the attack. Moreover, Chelsea received a ban on two transfer windows and they will not be able to buy new players during the year. The mood of the team should be very lowered, so finding the motivation to play at the very highest level will be hard.

All main teams players are fit and ready to play, however, M. Sarri should find the way to prepare before this match and find the right words. In last 5 matches in all competitions, Blues lost 3 games and won only twice against a lower level team Malmo in UEFA Europa League. The team needs to work well in team play before the derby clash.



Even after losing the two main players of the team, Spurs were able to stand on the top of the Premier League table. This is an indicator of how a team can play without their leaders and achieve their goals, no matter what. Tottenham this season, the only team that has not played in a draw. A team either wins or plays games, and on the one hand, it’s better than always playing a draw, on the other hand, sometimes the team had a chance to snatch a draw and save at least one point.

In the last match of Premier League Tottenham lost to Burnley in the road game, as they conceded the decisive goal in 83rd minute. That was 3rd lost in a row in away games. Although the advantage of the game, control and dangerous moments were on the side of Spurs. In general, the team plays good and confident football, especially big plans they put on the Champions League. They won confidently against Borussia Dortmund 3:0 in the first round. Moreover, the team plays the best at the road games in the Premier League this season, having won 11 of 14 matches.



Most interesting that at Stamford Bridge in last 26 matches Tottenham won only once, in the previous season. And it was the destruction of a good record that Chelsea had been striving for many years. In total, during the last 5 matches, Tottenham was more successful in 3 games and twice won Chelsea. 5 of 6 last matches were very resultative and both teams scored goals.


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