Bournemouth will face Wolverhampton at Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth, at 27th Round of English Premier League. Bournemouth against Wolverhampton is always the match with big interest after their previous matches in English Premier League. Review our thoughts on this match here below.



Bournemouth this year is not playing their best football, however, their leaders look great. They now stand at 11th position with 33 points and that is only 6 points away from Wolves at 7th place of Premier League. In the highest English league, Bournemouth on average is scoring 1.4 goals per game, pass with 78.4% accuracy and are shooting 12 times per game. In the last 5 matches, the home team won twice and lost 3 times. At home ground, they look better, as they won 3 games against Chelsea, West Ham and Brighton with no conceding goals, once lost to Liverpool and played a draw with Watford.

At Vitality Stadium they play confident and strong football, unfortunately, some of the main players of the squad will miss the next match. D. Brooks, L. Cook, S. Francis, and C. Wilson will miss the match due to injuries, and that is a very big loss. Most likely that Solanke will get a chance to show his abilities and also fight for the first eleven for the future.

This season the Cherries are great at counter attacks, attacking set pieces and creating scoring chances. Very likely that they will play non-aggressive football and play in their own half. However, they are facing troubles at defending against through ball attacks and counter-attacks.



Wolverhampton this season is looking very good, as they prepared greatly before the season. This team has lots of young talents and skillful players. We can find more Portuguese players than English in Wolves because they play technical and possessional football very well. In all competitions, Wolverhampton is unbeaten in six matches. Now team stand at 7th position and very likely that until the end of the season they will not up higher.

This season on average Wolves score 1.3 goals per game, shoot 13.1 times per match and pass with 78% accuracy. All main squad players are fit and ready to fight with the rivals.

This season Wolverhampton is great at counter attacks, creating scoring chances and aerial duels. Very likely that they will play width, take lots of shots, take long shots and attack down the right. However, they are weak at defending against long shots.



These teams met last time in Premier League at the end of the season. Wolves played at home stadium and won the match with 2:0 result, however, Bournemouth controlled 62% of the game and shoot more often.


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