Chelsea will play against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium in London at English League Cup (more known as Carabao Cup because of sponsorship reasons) in FINAL. This match as always should be interesting to watch. As always these teams can play unpredictable and beautiful football. The winner of the Final will be qualified to UEFA Europa League. Review our thoughts on this match here below. 



Chelsea this season is struggling as M. Sarri plays his tactic and it is not working as everyone expected. The season started very well, however, opponents know them better, and Chelsea is struggling to win matches against rivals more often. For Chelsea, this is a great chance to take a place in Europe for the next season, as they now stand at 6th position and which is not giving any place in Champions or Europa League. They need to prepare for this clash very seriously and the win is extremely important. Unfortunately, Kepa will miss the match, and ex-City player Caballero will change him in starting eleven.

In 11 last matches London team lost 5 and won 6 matches, and this is not the team results that can be dreamed. This season Hazard is the complete team leader as he reached double, scored 12 goals and made 10 assists. Many gossips around Hazard, that he will leave the club and strengthen the team of Real. In the current difficult situation, there are rumors about Sarri that Lampard or Zidane can replace him. Everything goes to the fact that in the summer, Chelsea will expect big changes, and the most important thing is to maintain a position in Europe. Because the highest level players will want to achieve the highest results with the club.

Higuain will start the game in first eleven and all main squad players should joint to make a strongest ever team to face Manchester City. This year Blues are great at creating chances through balls, creating long shot opportunities and chances through individual skills. However, they are facing troubles at avoiding offside, aerial duels and defending against long shots. Very likely that they will try to play possessional football via short passes. Although play like this will be very hard as City plays strongly that kind of football too.


Manchester City

Manchester City looks very strong as they are favorites in almost all competitions where they play this season.  They stand at the first position in Premier League, however, Liverpool has one more unplayed round game. In UEFA Champions League they made a comeback and won in the tough game against Schalke in a road game. For Manchester City this game is not so important, however, they are one step behind the second Trophy of the season against the same opponents. At the beginning of the season, City won against Chelsea in Community shield and won their first season Title.

City at this stage is doing well with the team and the coaching staff, and they play confidently without any special flaws. Sky Blues are very strong this season at finishing scoring chances, attacking down the wings, creating long shot opportunities and through individual skills. Moreover, they are great at defending set pieces, will play possessional football and attack fastly. They are facing troubles at avoiding offside, protecting the lead and stopping opponents from creating chances.



This season teams have already met 3 times. Chelsea was first who win against Manchester in Premier League. However, City made a comeback and in the second round won with 6:0 result. As mentioned before, these teams played their first trophy of the season, and Sky Blues were more successful.


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