Vodafone Giants vs FTW Esports is the second semi-final of the Iberian cup, League of Legends. Two teams that came out as the winners of their groups will face off against each other. To have more insights on this Vodafone Giants vs FTW Esports matchup, please check out the preview here below.

Vodafone Giants

Vodafone Giants is the sister team of Giants Gaming competing in the LVP Superliga Orange. This team was ranked as a 1st pool team before this tournament and were considered one of the favourites to win it all. Vodafone Giants is the only team left in this tournament that hasn’t lost a single game yet. They’ve beaten Team Queso, x6tence and Electronik Generation in their group and followed it up with a 2-0 victory over Origen BCN in quarter-finals. Vodafone Giants roster for the next game and tournament:

Top – Th3Antonio

Jungler – Razork

Mid – Milica

Bot – Deadly

Support – denyk/SirNukesAlot

Giants have one of the strongest rosters in the whole cup as most of the players have the highest level experience and can show up at any given game. They are clear favourites coming into tomorrow’s match, but won’t be any easy games at such stage of the tournament.

FTW Esports

For The Win, esports is a Portuguese team that doesn’t have any subs, just a starting five from Portugal. This team was also considered one of the better ones before the tournament started and were placed in the 1st pool. For The Win esports roster:

Top – Frozen

Jungler – Own3e

Mid – Xaky

Bot – Afm

Support – Plasma

This will be a difficult series for FTW esports as they’ll be facing one of the favourites of the tournament. Anyway, FTW have proven that they’re a strong team and winning a game or two would not surprise here at all.


Article image is taken from https://twitter.com/giantsgamingeng