TOP Esports vs JD Gaming should be most interesting game as it is the Grand-final of the 2020 LPL’s Spring split. Two of the most surprising teams will face off against each other in a must-watch series for every League of Legends fan. To have more insights on this LPL TOP Esports vs JD Gaming match, please check out the eSports preview below.

TOP Esports

TOP Esports have been a top tier team of LPL for few splits in a row, but they’re definitely showing up in this one. The start of the season were not as promising as expected, but everything changed with the addition of JackeyLove. Former world champion with Invictus Gaming, JackeyLove debuted on the main TOP Esports roster at the end of the regular season. Despite that, he instantly found the synergy with his teammates and started carrying games one after the other. He added a mental boost, good decision making and some a lot of experience that not many can have. TOP Esports have defeated the favorites to win this split, Invictus Gaming roster and JackeyLove got his revenge against the former team.

JD Gaming

It’s hard to tell which team playing in the final was the bigger surprise, TOP Esports or JD Gaming. Anyway, JD Gaming have been consistent for few splits in a row but have struggled to finally make it to the top. This year is different. JD Gaming managed to defeat their demons that were slaying them in previous seasons. They threw out RNG and former world champions FPX out of the playoffs and reached the final stage. The biggest strength of this roster is an incredible team fighting. They even managed to outplay the best team fighting team in the LPL, which is FPX. This is the best chance to win it all this team may ever get, so it would be very fulfilling to see this team finally winning the split.

TOP Esports vs JD Gaming H2H

TOP Esports are leading the H2H 4 wins to 2.