TOP Esports vs Edward Gaming will be one more interesting game during the 5th round of the LPL’s 2020 Summer Split. This will be a great series for every League of Legends fan to see, as two of the LPL giants will face off against each other. To have more insights on this TOP Esports vs Edward Gaming match, please check out the preview below on Smashingtip. Moreover, after Covid-19 bookmakers giving special offers which you can find on

TOP Esports

TOP Esports hasn’t lost a single series in this split so far. Since the Mid-season cup against teams from LCK region, TOP Esports have looked like the most dominant team in the region. Since the addition of JackeyLove, this team seems to have finally found their winners mentality and shine in clutch moments. JackeyLove seems to be as confident as ever, Karsa is playing some of the best LoL he’s ever played and Knight have reached the highest level and is already considered as the best Mid-laner in the LPL. Overall TOP Esports play great in every stage of the game and have only a few weaknesses that most of the teams just can’t find the way to exploit.

Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming have always been one of the best teams in the LPL and have a huge fan base. Even though the best years for this team seems to be gone and they may not be in Top4 in the league, this team is still strong and can’t be underestimated. Edward Gaming relies mostly on their long-time Mid-laner Scout, who is still delivering on the highest level. The other members of the team are mostly younger talents who are still developing, except the support Meiko. Meiko just like the Scout, are the veterans of the team and EDG’s success relies mostly on these two players shoulders. Edward Gaming is currently in the middle of the table with 2 victories and 2 losses and the series against TOP Esports should show us exactly what EDG are capable of.

TOP Esports vs Edward Gaming H2H

TOP Esports have won 3 out of last 5 matches against Edward Gaming