During the 3rd week of 2020 LCK’s Summer split will play T1 vs Gen.G. There we have an interesting battle between two giants of the region facing off against each other. To have more insights on this T1 vs Gen.G match, please check out the preview below and get best betting advice of other sports on Smashingtip. Moreover, after Covid-19 bookmakers giving special offers which you can find on https://smashingtip.com/bookmakers/.


T1 have started the summer split with a loss over DragonX team by 1-2. It was kind of a warm-up for T1 after which they woke up and won 3 series in a row. Hanhwa Life, Afreeca Freecs and SANDBOX gaming were the opponents that T1 defeated after the loss against DragonX. This will be a lot tougher match for T1, of course.  Despite that, T1 doesn’t seem to be bothered playing Gen.G as they’ve won 5 series against Gen.G in a row. T1 even managed to sweep the floor with Gen.G in the Spring split finals 3-0. These two teams are the favourites to win it all in this split as well so the win/loss record between these teams also matters a lot.


Gen.G haven’t made any changes to their lineup after not being able to win the spring split even though most of the analysts expected them to do so. Gen.G still plays mostly around Ruler and Bdd, who has seemingly found his footing with the squad a lot faster than it was expected. South Koreans started this split exactly the same way that T1 did – with a loss to DragonX 1-2. Despite the loss in the opening match, Gen.G recovered with a 3 win streak against KT Rolster, DAMWON Gaming and SeolHaeOne Prince.

Of course, it will be a lot tougher opponent for Gen.G this time, but in order to finally prove they’re the best team in the region, Gen.G will have to overcome the T1 sometime soon. If they won’t manage to defeat the T1 this time again it will probably mean even bigger psychological trouble the next time these two teams meets.

T1 vs Gen.G H2H

T1 have won 8 series in a row against Gen.G.