MSI 2021 is reaching the final stage as this will be the last day of the Rumble (2nd) stage of the tournament, where 4 out of 6 teams Royal Never Give Up vs DAMWON KIA will head into the semi-finals. The day will start with one more great match between two of the strongest teams in the world: RNGU and DAMWON KIA. To have more insights on this League of Legends match between Royal Never Give Up – DAMWON KIA, please check out the preview below.

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up have surprised everyone by moving their best player Xiaohu to Top lane after he played Mid his whole career. This move has already shown it was worth the risk, because with Xiaohu dominating Top lane, RNGU became the best team in LPL once again. They managed to overcome such teams as FpX, EDG and TOP Esports to reach the MSI and they haven’t lost a single match there yet! MSI was considered to be a battle between RNGU and DAMWON KIA and it definitely looks like it will be the case.


DAMWON KIA has once again climbed out of LCK to show up at the International event. There is no match in LCK for the former World champions, but there at MSI DAMWON have already lost 2 games: against C9 in the groups and against RNGU in the Rumble stage. Their first match against RNGU wasn’t that bad, but the biggest mistake DAMWON made was in the draft, not in the game. Full AD team composition against tanky RNGU lineup just had no chance to win in later stages of the game. Expect DAMWON to learn from their mistakes.