The second round Origen vs Roguematch of a loser bracket, whose winner will have a chance to fight for the final spot. Both of these teams were considered as Top 4 teams before the season started so the match should be a very interesting one to watch. To have more insights on this LEC Origen vs Rogue match, please check out the e-Sports preview below.


The 3rd strongest team of the LEC’s regular season had no chances in the first round against Fnatic. That led to Origen going down to losers bracket. Anyway, they still have all the chances to fight for the highest spots as the winner of this match will play G2 in the quarter-finals. There is actually no surprise that Origen lost to Fnatic, but the way they did it was a bit too much. Origen had absolutely 0 chances in first 2 matches and only after Nukeduck started to play carry champions in the midline instead of tanks, Origen started to look better. Expect them to make adjustments for the next series and there’ll be a good chance we see them in the quarter-finals.


Rogue started the season very well and there were a lot of discussions about them being even the Top 3 team in the LEC. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, all of the e-sports matches are played online and that’s where the struggles for Rogue began. It’s a team balanced between some veterans and young talents. One of the reasons they’ve been struggling online may be communication because it’s always clear who is making calls when playing in the arena and might be harder online. Anyway, all of it is just speculations and it’s hard to tell what exactly happened with this team, but the match against Misfits were promising for this squad.

Origen vs Rogue H2H

Origen is leading the H2H 3 victories to 2.