K1ck e. C. vs Schalke 04 will be one of the most interesting matches in the second round of the EU Masters group stage. One of the tournament favorites Schalke 04 will face off against Play-in winners K1ck e. C. To have more insights on this EU Masters K1ck e. C. vs Schalke 04 match, please check out the e-Sports preview here below.

K1ck e. C.

K1ck e. C. have dominated the EU Masters Play-in stage as won the group with 5 victories and only 1 loss. K1ck followed it up with the victory over the Play-in favorites MAD Lions, who are a part of the organization that beat G2 in LEC playoffs. That was a huge upset, but the polish team haven’t stopped ever since and demonstrated incredible performance in the 1st round of the main EU Masters stage once again on Wednesday. They got over 30 kills in the match against Team Singularity and absolutely demolishes them from the map. K1ck seems like a very well-coached team that are well-coordinated and have strong individual players. This will be a huge test for them to start ranking them more objectively.

Schalke 04

This is a second roster of the Schalke 04 e-sports organization. This team is ranked as one of the favorites for this tournament. However, Movistar Riders have taken care of them in the first match. Schalke have tried to come back after the sluggish start, but the team comp they drafted were just not working for them. Of course, individually this team is one of the best as they have few former LEC players in Neon and Gilius. But still, they need to prove it on the stage. There is a question mark if this will be the roster Schalke plays this whole tournament, but either way, if they manage to fix some of the drafting mistakes we should see what they’re really capable of.

K1ck e. C. vs Schalke 04 H2H

These two teams have never played against each other.