LPL Summer Split 2020. Two of the Spring Split finalist will face off against each other in a very interesting series to watch. To have more insights on this eSports LPL JD Gaming vs TOP Esports match, please check out the preview below. Visit Smashingtip to found much more interesting and great bonuses for casino and betting.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming have surprised the League of Legends community by defeating most of the favourites to secure the title of the LPL’s Spring Split by defeating TOP Esports 3-2, after being down 1-2. JD Gaming have even managed to get to the final in the Mid-season Cup, where 4 of the best teams of LPL and LCK played against each other. JD Gaming have strong individual players and have improved a lot on their drafts and teamwork, what led to some great achievements. Anyway, this was only the first half of the season and everyone knows, that the second half of the season, Summer split, matters a lot more than the spring one. Everyone will expect a lot more from this team and we’ll have to see how well will JD Gaming be able to handle the pressure.

TOP Esports

TOP Esports have lost the LPL’s Spring split final against JD Gaming after being up by a game, 2-1. Despite that, TOP Esports have managed to overcome their demons in the Mid-season cup and finally won the title after being able to defeat JD Gaming. Not only did they win the series, but TOP Esports also destroyed JD Gaming by 3 games to 0 and closed out the series easily. This team have a huge potential as not only they have strong individuals in every lane, they also have full Chinese roster and this eases the communication of the team. It will be interesting to see which TOP Esports we will see against JD this time – the one who won 3-0 or the one who blew 2-1 lead in the Spring split finals.

JD Gaming vs TOP Esports H2H

TOP Esports have won 4 out of last 5 matches these two teams played against each other.