The mid-season cup of 2020. LPL’s Spring split winner will face off against the 2nd best team of LCK, Gen.G. To have more insights on this Mid-season Cup JD Gaming vs Gen.G matchup, please check out the newest e-Sports preview on Smashingtip.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming surprised everyone by winning the LPL’s Spring split. Not only did they win it, they’ve done it convincingly by defeating EDG 3-1 and last years world’s champions FPX 3-0. The final match was more competitive as JDG were down 2-1, but managed to come back against TOP Esports and close out the series with a 3-2 victory. Even though JD Gaming doesn’t have the best-known players who are considered “superstars”, they have incredible teamwork and most of the players were performing better than expected individually. LoKen, Kanavi were having their career split and one thing led to another. JD Gaming historically haven’t been great playing against other regions and will have a good chance to prove that they’ve improved on this area as well.


Gen.G were considered the best team in LCK as they added such well-known names as Clid and Bdd in their roster during the pre-season. The Spring split were not bad, but knowing that they haven’t won the title is probably bothering most of the team’s fans. Gen.G have been performing very well individually and team-work was on a high level as well, but after matches started to be played online, the quality of Gen.G performance was going down. Gen.G have a very experienced roster and playing on stage doesn’t have a huge impact on them, but playing online is a little bit different thing and that may have led to not having the best performances. They will have a chance to recover in this tournament and show the world what this team is made of.

JD Gaming vs Gen.G H2H

These teams have never played against each other before.