Invictus Gaming vs LNG Esports will play in 15th round of the LPL Spring split. Two of the most explosive teams of the league will face off against each other in an interesting match to watch. To have more insights on this LPL Invictus Gaming vs LNG Esports e-Sports match, please check out the preview below.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming (12-2) are currently leading the standings with the most victories so far. Gaming is the team that definitely plays as what’s considered an “LPL” style: very fast, aggressive and sometimes risk blind type of game. Not only is this team playing fast and aggressive, but they’re also finding some new picks who can accelerate the game without leaving any chances for the enemies. One of those picks was Kalista top lane, which is one of the biggest bullies for all the tanks played in this lane. TheShy and Rookie are performing incredibly well this season. Both of them are in their peak forms and with additions Puff and Southwind in the bot lane, this team is looking like a possible champion of the LPL.

LNG Esports

LNG Esports (4-10) are probably one of two worst teams of the tournament at the moment. Anyway, the current result doesn’t exactly show how well LNG performs in their games, they just can’t close it out. As simple as that, whatever the lead LNG manages to get, they always find a way to throw it. It’s hard to tell if it’s the inexperience of some players or just the lack of coaching, but the fact is that this team has a pretty decent roster in order to reach something in LPL. Maybe the end of the season can get more positive for this team with a good performance against Invictus Gaming, but overall the season is disappointing.

Invictus Gaming vs LNG Esports H2H

Invictus Gaming is leading the H2H by 3 victories in last 5 matches played.