13th round match of the LCK’s 2020 Spring split. Hanwha Life vs DAMWON Gaming who are still fighting for the playoffs will try to sneak into the contention. To have more insights on this LCK Hanwha Life vs DAMWON Gaming match, please check out the eSports preview below.

Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life (4-8) have been only an average team in LCK for quite a while. The start of this split was promising as Hanwha managed to draft very well and win few first rounds. Despite that, it all fell apart and it’s hard to really tell what happened with this team. With the additions of the veteran top laner CuVee and one of the best supports in the league Legends, there were some big expectations for this team, but it’s not happening at the moment. Hanhwa Life’s weakest point is in ADC position and despite Legends playing well, it’s hard to carry a competitive game from a support position when most of the players are incredibly talented in LCK.


DAMWON Gaming (5-7) have been one of the most pleasant surprises last season as they managed to reach the worlds. Even though the roster for this team hasn’t changed, DAMWON just doesn’t look like the same team they were in previous seasons. Not only did they not improve as many expected, but they’re also not drafting well, not finding good fights and opting for bad ones. Many of this might fall to their long-time coach leaving the team this off-season, but most of this struggle is simply players underperforming. Individually DAMWON Gaming is one of the best teams in the league, but it’s impossible to win in LCK only by outperforming opponents individually as this is the strongest team-play league in the world. DAMWON still have to prove to us that they haven’t run out of gas and still have something in the tank.

Hanwha Life vs DAMWON Gaming H2H

DAMWON Gaming managed to win 4 out of last 5 matches these teams played against each other.