LCK Griffin vs APK Prince will play at 14th round of the LCK regular season. Two of the bottom teams will face off against each other in an interesting matchup. To have more insights on this LCK Griffin vs APK Prince match, please check out the eSports preview below.


Griffin (2-12) is currently sitting in the last place. Even though this team played in the Worlds tournament for a few years in a row, everything stumbled after their coach left the team. Even though most of the team members remained the same, two of the core pieces Chovy (Mid) and Legends (Support) have left the team. Griffin still has Tarzan (Jungle) and Viper (Adc) but the teamplay has not been the same. It’s hard to predict on if it’s all on the coach leaving the team or just some other issues. Anyway, the overall roster for this team is not as bad as the results may show now. This team still has a lot of potentials and we might see them performing better in the next split.

APK Prince

APK Prince (4-9) is the only new team in the tournament. LCK’s debutants started the tournament slowly, but have been improving ever since. They now have 2 victories in a row including some against SANDBOX Gaming and Afreeca Freecs. APK doesn’t have the strongest individuals on the team but the teamplay of this team is on a high level. Coordination and map awareness were the main strengths of this team and will remain against lower-ranked opponents, such as Griffin. APK still have some chances to reach the playoffs, as they’re only 2 victories behind the 5th spot. With the recent form and improving still, we might very well see this team fighting for the last remaining playoff spot. APK will definitely be the favourites in the match against Griffin.

LCK Griffin vs APK Prince H2H

Griffin is leading the h2h by 1 victory to 0.