Gen.G vs T1 will be one of the most interesting matches in the final series of the 2020 LCK’s Spring Split. Two of the best regular reason teams will face off against each other in the conclusion of the split in a must-watch series. To have more insights on this LCK Gen.G vs T1 match, please check out the eSports preview here below.


Gen.G have finished in the 1st place in the regular season and they haven’t played a single series so far in the playoffs. Usually, it gets a lot harder to play the final for the team without a recent practice on stage. There is a high chance Gen.G will have a tough game 1 because of these reasons, but knowing how experienced this roster is, they should be able to overcome the difficulties. Gen.G were nominated as potentially the best team of the LCK before the season even started and they actually kind of proved it. Anyway, despite winning the regular season, Gen.G have lost both series against T1 as Faker and co still remain an unbeatable force for Gen.G this split and we’ll have to see if anything changes in the final.


T1 have slowly but steadily become the favorite to win it all in LCK. All of the preseason talks were about Gen.G and Dragon X and seemingly weakened T1 were not as interesting. Anyway, T1 managed to prove everyone wrong and here they are, fighting for the title again. While T1 doesn’t have arguably the best Top laner in the world on their roster, Canna actually filled Khan’s shoes pretty well. Of course, he’s not as good individually as Khan used to be for T1, but the chemistry of the team looks better. This leads to some incredible team fighting and great coordination, what is exactly the strongest point of T1. T1 haven’t lost a series this season against Gen.G, so they should stick to what has been working in the regular season and try to repeat it.

Gen.G vs T1 H2H

T1 have won 5 series in a row against Gen.G