13th round match between two top-ranked teams in LCK. Gen.G vs T1 will be a very interesting match in Champions Korea as both of these teams play on the other level compared to other competitions. To have more insights on this LCK Gen.G vs T1 match, please check out the preview below.


Gen.G (11-1) have only lost one series this season and it happened against the same team they will face on Wednesday. Gen.G have always been one of the better teams of this region, but with the additions of Clid (jungle) and BDD (mid), this team reached a higher level. Both Clid and BDD are in discussion for being Top5 in their role in whole world, not even talking about LCK. Knowing that Gen.G still have Ruler in ADC position, this team becomes one of the most dangerous teams to play against. Ruler have always been one of the most consistent players of the team and now that he has some strong teammates, he’s shining bright this season as well.


T1 (10-2) have won 9 out of last 10 matches and with the victory against Gen.G they might become the 1st seed for now. T1 lost the best jungler in LCK who joined the rival Gen.G roster, Clid. Despite that, the addition of Cuzz in the jungle have worked out well and T1 looks even stronger this year. It’s hard to tell why that is, but a lot of discussions were made about Clid’s bad attitude with team members and Cuzz is finding a better chemistry with this T1 roster. T1 is drafting very well this season and executes on their drafts perfectly. They’re also one of the most experienced teams in the league combined with some of the best players in their role. Faker and Teddy are the icons of the LCK and most of the T1 success relies on these guy’s shoulders.

Gen.G vs T1 H2H

T1 have won 5 out of the last 5 matches between these two teams, including one earlier this season.